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  • 6:30pm Tuesday and Thursday
  • 9:00am Saturday
  • Unlimited membership $85 a month
  • First class is free, bring workout clothing

Wondering about the CrossFit LT class? 

What are your fitness goals?
Not really ready to make the plunge into CrossFit?
CrossFit LT is your ticket to better agility, strength and getting more out of body movements with correct form. Body weight movements like air squats, push-ups, lunges, sprints and kickboxing drills will get you to the next level of fitness you desire. You will develop muscle memory of good form which helps you to become a more efficient athlete if you choose to move on to CrossFit. The LT class does not typically use the barbell movements like CrossFit but uses Dumbbells, jump ropes, box jumps, sprints and interval work to increase your cardiovascular fitness and promote fat loss. While some feel CrossFit is for more the “elite athlete” the LT class is for everyone, beginner or advanced. You can change your output and intensity to tailor the workout to your needs. One thing you will not lose with taking this class is the camaraderie! Just like CrossFit you will become a family and help each other progress. Why not have fun and build confidence in yourself while getting an equally great workout.