Getting Stated

Trial Classes:

Want to try CrossFit?  Call Michael to schedule a free class @ 254-405-0348 and are by appointment only.  The movements for the workout will be explained to ensure safety, then you will be off and running in your first CrossFit workout.




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On Ramp:  

Everyone who is new to CrossFit will be required to attend the On-Ramp course.  The On-Ramp course is a 4 week long, 3 classes per week, (12 class total) program designed to: 1) Help those new to CrossFit understand the foundations of the CrossFit lifestyle.  2) Provides detailed instruction and coaching on the basic CrossFit exercises and progressions, to ensure the athlete can perform the movements in a safe manner.  3) Help adjust the athlete’s body to the rigors of a CrossFit training program.

On-Ramp classes are mandatory, as they are progressive in nature.  The classes will be scheduled 3 days per week.  The On-Ramp program is $120 for all 12 classes.  If you miss a class, you will be required to make the class with a personal trainer at a cost of $50.  Once you have successfully completed your On-Ramp, your On-Ramp group will be released into the daily workout of the day (“WOD”) classes.

On-Ramp classes will occur 3 days a week.  On-Ramp classes will typically run M / W/ F.  To get started, call Michael @ 254-405-0348